The teachers

The teachers

We have always believed that the difference for a “good” language course is made by a “good” teacher!

For this reason, in Byron you have available a team consisting of teachers who have been very carefully chosen, professional experts with consolidated experience in the areas of HR, Management, Marketing, Finance, Banking and Legal.

Byron trainers are mother tongue, have a suitable teaching qualification and have demonstrated their effectiveness in the classroom during the selection process.

In all the activities, the teachers are coordinated by an expert Head of Teaching, who helps them in their work. 

We constantly monitor the teaching, undertaking in-house training to offer an increasingly high-quality service. 

Specifically, the Head of Teaching deals with:

  • Selecting the teachers and their consequent training
  • Undertaking the entry tests
  • Selecting the text books together with the teacher
  • Supporting the teacher in choosing the teaching material for specific needs
  • Monitoring the progress of courses
  • Preparing the exams for the Testing service