The method

The method

detailed interview with the student is the starting-point to establish their linguistic needs and goals.

Our method involves focussing on communication: we strive to make the lesson a full-immersion experience during which the teacher speaks solely in their language and the students follow suit.

The mother tongue teachers ensure that particular attention is paid to pronunciation, intonation and conversational fluency.

The workshops instead focus more on the practical side than on theory. 

We keep students motivated by involving them

Authentic materials

We encourage students to supplement the teaching material with subjects that can help achieve the goals of the course.

Work groups

We use work groups during language production to enable students to gain confidence in public speaking.

Role of the teacher

We encourage students to express themselves in the language they are studying.

Each training program includes at no cost:

  • Entry test to establish your linguistic needs
  • Definition of the program and the individual or group goals
  • Identification of the most suitable teacher on the basis of all the elements collected

Only at this point will you choose whether to start a course with us!