Group or individual courses

Group or individual courses

Group formation

They create work environments where it is possible to facilitate learning, since new and complex situations are set up which motivate students to develop language skills, by improving the ability to communicate among people from the same professional area.

An essential prerequisite to guarantee correct learning on group courses is the coherence of the level within the group.

Ours are mini groups (from 4 to 8 students per class) so that teachers can offer personal attention, creating a more positive and welcoming climate for language learning.


Individual Training

Often the most critical factor is the timing of the course: in this case the school’s flexibility is an essential and decisive factor. Individual courses make it possible, in agreement with the student, to create a tailored calendar which can planned so as to avoid clashing with work commitments.

In individual courses we guarantee:

  • Complete attention from the teacher, who actively leads the lessons in the most suitable direction and never leaves the student alone in their learning
  • Active and dynamic lessons that can motivate, stimulate and create discussion and involvement
  • Full autonomy for the student who can also ask for discussion of their own material (articles, work documents, etc.)